University Memberships & Discounts

Discounts for Access #

Some of our member schools and universities offer discounts for our programs. Typically, these discounts are for enrolled students and alumni. Often, these schools offer these discounts depending on the individual’s ongoing contributions to the school in question.

If you are enrolled (or an Alumni) of a US-based College, University, or wine school, you may qualify for discounts when registering for our programs. As this can be very complicated and differs school by school, We cannot answer this question for you: please contact your school directly.

Paused Access #

Your discounts for our sommelier programs remain as long as your relationship with our member school remains intact. However, if your relationship changes negatively (for instance, you dis-enroll from the university), our system will temporarily pause your access. This is beyond our control and in line with our terms.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the member school in question to restore access.

Even if you cannot regain access through your membership school, you can continue your programs here. We will issue a registration code for what you originally paid –in total– for the online NWS program*. But, of course, we cannot honor any discounts you may have received from your member school.

*This offer is only for online-only courses. If you attend programs in-person at a university or wine school, they have complete discretion on how much funds can be put towards online access. We will work with you to recover as much tuition as possible, but they do have final say in the process.

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