Single Semester Credentials #

This information is for students of satellite schools and colleges who are part of the Digital Transfer initiative only.
If your certifications are missing are missing from your account, please review the following.

  1. Is there a “Credit towards Advanced” showing in your account?
  2. Is the program showing in your account?
  3. There is a program in my account that I did not take.

1) Under certain circumstances, a course will be replaced with “Credit towards Advanced.” This is typically done for one of two reasons: the program being transferred is not part of the current NWS curriculum. This is a way to honor credit hours from other schools. The other reason is that the student did not earn a high enough grade for certification but high enough for credit hours to be applied toward Advanced and Master in Wine certifications.

2) If a program was transferred into your account but there is no certification showing, this could mean that the transfer process was completed but was not yet approved by NWS. If this issue persists for more than 30 days. Please use the supplied form.

3) If there is a program in your account with a different but similar title to a program you took, then the following took place: NWS issued you credit for the program you attended and grandfathered you into another (similar) program.

If you have reviewed this information and you still believe you are missing a credential in your account, please fill out the following form, sign it, and email it to us at [email protected].

Course Review Request Form

Advanced Sommelier and Master in Wine Certifications #

Students with four advanced certifications and at least 720 class hours on their transcript qualify for the Advanced Sommelier Pin and Diploma. If you did not receive an email regarding this, list “Advanced Sommelier Pin and Diploma” on the “Course Review Request Form.”

Similarly, the Master in Wine certification requires eight advanced certifications. If your account reflects these certifications and your transcript shows at least 1,280 class hours, please add “Master in Wine” on the “Course Review Request Form.”

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