I am locked out of my account!

We take the security of our student’s accounts very seriously. We use many methodologies to safeguard your information, this includes 2FA protocols, ReCaptcha, IP matching, blocking of insecure or compromised passwords, brute force attempts, and several other methodologies.

You likely tripped a security feature if you found yourself locked out of your account.

Here are the most likely reasons you have been locked out of your account:

  1. Multiple failed logins within a short timeframe.
  2. Multiple attempts at resetting your password over a very short timeframe.
  3. Your password has been found online in a leaked data breach.
  4. You are attempting to access your account from an unverified location.

Here are the solutions:

  1. Make sure you have whitelisted [email protected] so you can receive our emails. Wait one hour, and reset your password.
  2. Same as #1. Only click the reset password button only once.
  3. Reset your password.
  4. We will send you a verification email which you will need to click on within a specific timeframe. Otherwise, you will need to reset your password.

If these solutions do not work, try to log in at https://wineschool.us/wp-login.php. If you continue to have an issue, please contact us.

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