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Earn your sommelier pin at the fastest-growing wine school! The National Wine School is the only state-recognized sommelier program available in the states. Level One To Level Three are available as online wine certification courses.


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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of classes and online programs, from fermentation sciences to the wine business. Individuals can take our programs, but are also offered at wine schools, universities, and wine firms.

Level 1 Sommelier

$ 300

From grape to bottle to table, you will be exposed to essential wine knowledge. What are the nine essential grapes? How do you parse a French wine label? What is the proper way to taste wine? What are the myths that everyone believes but shouldn’t? Can you pair a light red wine with fish?

Level 2 Sommelier

$ 500

There is one skill that all professional winemakers and sommeliers possess: blind tasting. Learn to separate the layers of flavor of wine into its core components: primary fruit, winemaking techniques (including barrel aging), differences between regions, and varietal fingerprints.

Level 3 Sommelier

$ 550

Wine is a global phenomenon. From New York to Hong Kong to London to Mumbai, wine is essential to both business and pleasure. To engage in the world of sommeliers and winemakers, you need to know all the essential wines.


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Advanced Sommelier Courses

The Highest-Level Wine Courses Offered Online. Synchronous & Asynchronous Programs Available

About Online Wine Courses

Level One Wine Certification

The online wine programs at the National Wine School adhere to the standard sommelier certification model. The Level One (L1) program comprises a series of essential modules catering to wine enthusiasts. This best-selling program encompasses eight classes and is typically completed within a month. Delivery is asynchronous and online, eliminating the need for wine or supplies.

Sommelier Pin

Level Two Wine Course

Progressing to Level Two (L2) marks the initial stride toward becoming a sommelier (a designation necessitating completing both Level Two and Level Three programs). Level Two entails wine procurement and additional supplies alongside tuition fees. Acquiring a coravin or similar device is advisable to preserve wine freshness and enable use across multiple programs to alleviate expenses.

Exclusive training components augment this level, incorporating aspects typically reserved for master-level programs. Noteworthy inclusions involve winemaking insights, differentiation between old and new world wines, and the pivotal skill of blind wine tasting. Like the L1, this program is offered online and asynchronously (this denotes independent-paced participation).

Level Three Wine Course

Level Three (L3), the final step of the sommelier track, is also available online, following an asynchronous format. This comprehensive curriculum encompasses the entire spectrum of global wines, encompassing pivotal grape varieties and wine regions relevant to the 21st century. Diverging from numerous Europe-centric programs, NWS offers a distinctly American perspective while still encompassing major European wine domains. This approach tailors the education to suit the needs of American sommeliers and winemakers.

Advanced Sommelier Pin

For those aiming to earn the Advanced Sommelier Pin, embarking on the journey from Level One to Level Three is essential. Completion of four segments within the Advanced Sommelier Program unlocks this distinction. NWS presents an array of advanced online courses, encompassing topics such as Advanced French Wine, Advanced Italian Wine, Advanced Spanish Wine, and Advanced Winemaking. These courses blend asynchronous components with live-streamed classes, facilitating flexible engagement.

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