Advanced Sommelier Courses

Enrollment in Advanced Sommelier Courses is currently by invitation only. Open enrollment will be available in third quarter 2024.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

To embark on the journey of acquiring your Advanced Sommelier Pin, a prerequisite is earning your initial Sommelier Pin. This entails successfully completing the foundational L1, L2, and L3 programs. These stages of learning can be pursued through online platforms, affiliated universities, or regional wine schools, offering you flexibility in your educational path.

Program Structure and Online Learning

Our institute offers a range of comprehensive online wine courses, meticulously designed to enhance your expertise. These courses encompass structured wine tastings, insightful lectures, and culminate in a final project. The final project is an intensive assessment, gauging your proficiency in the subject matter.

We provide two distinct formats for our online courses, each with its own distinctive characteristics. It is imperative to discern the type that aligns with your learning style prior to registration.

  1. Synchronous Online Courses: These courses offer live, instructor-led classes conducted via Zoom. Active participation and attendance are requisites for these sessions, fostering engagement and collaboration among participants.
  2. Asynchronous Online Courses: With this format, you have the flexibility to progress through the course content at your own pace, within established time limits, typically spanning six months. The courses feature professionally recorded material, augmented by interactive elements, ensuring an immersive learning experience.

Course Materials and Wine Procurement

To fully engage with the learning process, students are responsible for acquiring the necessary wines for tastings. While this investment can be substantial, we strongly endorse the use of a Coravin appliance, facilitating the extraction of wines without the need to open the bottles. This innovative approach allows wines to be preserved for personal enjoyment or future review of the program’s content.

For each session, it is advisable to allocate an average of $125 for the procurement of wines, ensuring that you have access to a diverse selection that complements your learning objectives.

We invite you to embark on this enriching educational voyage with the National Wine School, as you cultivate your expertise in the intricate world of wines.

Earning Your Advanced Sommelier Pin

To attain your Advanced Sommelier Pin, certain requirements must be fulfilled. This distinguished accolade necessitates successfully completing four advanced courses, each culminating in a certification. Students can achieve either a “Certification” or a higher designation of “Certification with Distinction” based on their performance.

However, if a student receives a “Credit Towards Advanced Program” grade for two or more courses., they will be required to complete five Advanced Sommelier Courses to fulfill the criteria. Grades categorized as “No Certification” are considered failing grades and are not eligible for inclusion in the certification process.

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