Programs for Schools and Companies

Our programs are beloved by students and faculty alike. If your school is looking to offer wine education programs, we offer a selection of world-class wine courses for universities, vocational academies, and wine schools. If you are interested in our professional sommelier certification programs, please email us at [email protected].

University and College Courses

University Wine Courses

For more than a decade, we have delivered wine education programming to numerous colleges and universities nationwide. Professors appreciate the excellence of our content and its easy integration. Our programs seamlessly align with wine and beverage management courses. Disseminated through an online platform, our programming encompasses current reading materials, interactive components, and high-definition videos.

Our programs adhere to academic standards and seamlessly fit within your university’s educational framework. We ensure SCORM, ACAP, ANSI, and ADA compliance across our programming. These programs are designed for one or two-credit courses, with the option for sommelier certification.

These offerings are accessible to all regionally accredited universities and colleges.

Wine Courses for State-Accredited Schools

wine course

Our wine programs are adopted by vocational schools throughout the United States. Similar to our university programs, these initiatives cater to both public and private schools. Our programs can be integrated into existing courses or serve as the foundation for new certification programs.

As a leader in wine education, we provide programming that aligns with higher education standards. Moreover, our programs ensure compliance and support for all state-accredited schools.

  • ACAP
  • ANSI
  • ADA

Schools must hold accreditation from their respective state’s Department of Education to be eligible. Pricing is available on a per-student basis.

Sommelier Courses for Wine Schools

sommelier certification

We extend our nationally certified sommelier programs to wine schools across the United States. Additionally, we offer two levels of access for independent wine schools: online certification and NWS Accreditation for in-person classes.

Online Sommelier Programs

Online certification is an effortless solution for most schools, as we oversee all online classes, exams, and customer support. Online courses offer an opportunity to provide a level of programming that is typically associated with universities, enhancing revenue for wine schools with minimal requirements for participation.

To register, visit the L1 or Core program and purchase between five and fifty seats. Larger purchases yield steeper discounts. As the school administrator, you retain control over adding and removing individuals from the programs.

In-Person Sommelier Programs

In-person wine programs uphold more stringent standards. Before offering our programs, all instructors at the school must be accredited by the National Wine School, holding a minimum of Core Certification and Teacher Training.


Courses for the Food & Wine Trade

We present a comprehensive sommelier and wine training program for restaurants, hotels, and the wine trade. These initiatives are available as discounted online programs for partners in the food and wine sectors. To enroll, access the L1 or Core program and select between five and fifty seats. Greater quantities result in more substantial discounts. As the group leader, you retain the ability to manage program participants.

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