Sommelier Certification Programs for Your School

Our programs are beloved by students and faculty alike. If your school is looking to offer wine education programs, we offer a selection of world-class wine courses for universities, vocational academies, and wine schools. If you are interested in our professional sommelier certification programs, please email us at [email protected].

Course Material for Universities and Colleges

University Wine Courses

We have offered wine education programming for over ten years at dozens of colleges and universities across the country. Professors love our programming for its high-quality content and ease of implementation. In addition, our programs tie in with any wine or beverage management course. Distributed as an online service, our programming includes up-to-date reading material, interactive components, and high-definition videos.

Our programs comply with academic standards and easily fit into your university’s education model. We offer SCORM, ACAP, ANSI, and ADA compliance in all our programming. These programs are designed to be a part of one or two-credit classes, but they can also include sommelier certification.

This program is available to all regionally accredited universities and colleges.

Wine Courses for State-Accredited Schools

wine course

Our wine programs are used at vocational schools across the United States. Similar to our programs for universities, these programs are designed to be implemented by both public and private schools. Our programs can be deployed in the classroom as part of an existing course or the foundation of a new certification program.

A leader in wine education, we offer programming that complies with higher-education standards. In addition, our programs provide compliance and support for all state-accredited schools.

  • ACAP
  • ANSI
  • ADA

To qualify, schools must be accredited by their state’s Department of Education. Pricing is available on a per-student basis.

Sommelier Courses for Wine Schools

sommelier certification

We offer our nationally certified sommelier programs to wine schools across America. In addition, we offer two levels of access to independent wine schools: online certification and NWS Accreditation for in-person classes.

Online certification is a turnkey operation for most schools, as we take care of all online classes, exams, and customer support. Online courses are a great way to offer a level of programming that only universities can typically afford to produce and develop. Offering this service increases revenue to the wine school, and includes only minimal requirements for participating schools.

In-person wine programs have more rigorous standards. Before offering our programs, all instructors at the school must be accredited by the National Wine School, with a minimum of Core Certification and Teacher Training.

Inclusion Requirements for Education Partners

wine education for all

Our school’s unwavering commitment to the wine trade guides its work to foster a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. To flourish in the 21st century, the wine trade needs a pluralistic society. As a result, there is a hunger for exchanging ideas and knowledge, cultural discourse, and the engagement of diverse communities.

NWS respects individuals while acknowledging their differences among them. These differences include but are not limited to race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and socioeconomic status. We require our partners in wine education to hold the same values.

The National Wine School was founded on the conviction that the American wine trade requires greater diversity. As a result, our education partners are uniquely positioned to build upon that strong foundation and serve as a national leader in the wine trade, exemplifying the benefits that accrue when diversity and inclusion are integral components of an institution’s educational philosophy and core mission.

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