The Digitization Project 101

The National Wine School is digitizing student records to create the largest database of sommelier students in the United States. This project includes our entire confederation of universities and schools across the country, with records dating back an entire decade.

This project provides our sommelier students with a robust set of academic tools for their continued success. It gives current students and alumni of every school access to a wide range of tools designed to assist them in their passion for wine education and employment. This currently includes access to credential verification, social sharing, and transcripts. Many more features currently enjoyed by NWS students are being deployed for our far-flung student base, as well.

This is one of the most complex projects the National Wine School has ever undertaken. It merges the diploma and certification programs of over twenty independent schools into a single core academic framework. Whether you are a university student or a trade employee, this process ensures you are getting the same high-quality education and credentials.

This project began in September 2021 and is projected to be completed by January 2025.

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