Purchasing an Online Wine Course for Someone Else

To purchase an online wine course for someone else, register using the group method or purchase a gift certificate. The group method is recommended for businesses, as the option allows you to control who has access.

Purchasing via the Group Method.

It is easy to establish individual accounts by entering the information manually. That includes the name, email, billing address, and mailing address of another student. Make sure to complete all, especially the email address, which requires a confirmation email to change. (The username, however, cannot be changed.)

If you would like us to do this for you, we can. Please note that any discounts will not be honored if we administer the group on your behalf. Some schools and universities give their students a discount on registering for programs. Those discounts will not roll over. There is also a $50 fee for this service.

If you would like us to enroll your group for you, please reach out to us at https://wineschool.us/contact-us

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