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Wine is a global phenomenon. From New York to Hong Kong to London to Mumbai, wine is an essential ingredient in both business and pleasure.

Once a student has mastered the ability to taste wine like a trained sommelier (in Level Two), the next step in the journey is to dive into the world of wine, immersing yourself in its unique contours and idiosyncrasies across the globe.

What you will discover in this course is an in-depth review of the world’s major wine regions and essential grape varieties. The goal is to understand culture through the lens of wine, gaining a fluency that surpasses statistics and taxonomies.

Great wines don’t just happen. They are the product of history, culture, and ingenuity. In this program, you will explore the people and places that are the core of the world’s wine cultures. During class, you will be tasting wines from the world’s greatest wine regions, uncovering both magic and science along the way.

Wine Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Wine Regions
  • France
  • North American Wines
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Chile and Argentina
  • Final Exam

Additional Costs

Additional Costs include recommended wine purchases. Your wine costs can be kept at a negligible level if using a wine preservation device like the Coravin. Otherwise, the wine cost can exceed $500.


The prerequisites for this program are the Level One Wine Course and the Level Two Wine Course.

Important Information

Extensions beyond the 180-day timeframe are available if you submit an extension request.

The Level Three Sommelier Pin is available if you successfully complete this course after earning your Certificates for Levels One and Two.

We use a proprietary system based on LAMP protocols leveraged with the Cloudflare Application Security Portfolio. This means you need a modern browser like Chrome and a computer with up-to-date security to take our courses. We also advise having a computer that can run any major operating system and was preferably built within the last eight years.

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