Scent Kits

How to Use the Scent Kit

A select number of our wine courses require a scent kit. These kits are critical to your wine education and are custom-made for each student. The National Wine School uses pharmaceutical-grade pigments to differentiate the different scents. Each kit comes with a card identifying the scents.

If you struggle to identify the scents, this page will help you.

Step #1. Make sure the caps are tightly closed.

Step #2. Shake each scent vigorously until the vials resemble the image(s) below.

Step #3. Please place them in the order shown below.

L2 Scent Kit

The L2 (Level Two) Scent Kit includes eight scents. Petrol is not included in this photo since that vial is fully transparent, which makes it incredibly easy to identify. Once you have lined up the scents, open up the vials one at a time and smell the scents. Once you have verified the scents, you can begin the class.

Oak Scent Kit

Coming Soon!

White Wine Scent Kit

Coming Soon!

Red Wine Scent Kit

Coming Soon!

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