Registration Guide for University and Offsite Students

This guide is for students who registered for a wine course with one of our affiliated schools or universities. If you received an email similar to the one displayed below, you are in the correct place.

National Wine School Onboarding

In your email, take note of the Program Link and Voucher Code. You will need that information to complete this process.


If you purchased seat(s) for someone other than yourself, you will receive their voucher code. Please forward it, along with the email, so they can go through the authentication process themselves. Otherwise, they will not have their own account and cannot be awarded certification.


Click on the Program Link supplied to you.

1. Select “Take this Course”

2. Click “Add to Cart”

3. Supply Voucher Code


When you click “Apply Voucher” the total due should be zero. If it is not, double-check your work so far The most common error for new students is incorrectly typing in the voucher code. We suggest you copy and paste the voucher code directly into the form. If the error is not the voucher code, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

4. Proceed to Checkout

5. Add Your Contact Information

6. Select “Place Order”

7. Authentication Complete!


You will receive an email with your password and registration information within several minutes after authentication. Log into your account to verify you have access to your course material.

8. Assistance

If you followed this onboarding guide, you should not need assistance. However, if you need to contact us, simply scroll to the bottom of any page and use the contact form.

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