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Embarking on a sensory exploration and cultural immersion journey, the National Wine School proudly presents the Spanish Wine Specialist™ program, an exceptional educational opportunity designed to delve into the rich tapestry of Spanish viticulture. With a meticulously crafted curriculum spanning eight insightful classes, this program invites wine enthusiasts and budding connoisseurs to savor the nuances of Spain’s diverse wine regions, deepen their understanding of unique terroirs, and foster an appreciation for the artistry behind Spanish winemaking traditions.

A Pathway Through Spain’s Wine Heritage

The Spanish Wine Specialist™ program at the National Wine School is an intensive and immersive experience that transports participants through Spain’s wine-soaked history and terroir-driven regions. Each of the eight classes offers a captivating exploration of a distinct aspect of Spanish wine culture:

  1. Green Spain: Dive into the verdant landscapes of northern Spain and discover the exceptional wines from Galicia, Asturias, and Cantabria.
  2. The Duero & Tributary Rivers: Journey along the Duero River and its tributaries, uncovering the renowned wine regions of Ribera del Duero, Rueda, and Toro.
  3. The Ebro & Tributary Rivers: Immerse yourself in the Ebro River valley, where the La Rioja, Navarra, and Aragón regions come alive with their exceptional varietals.
  4. Focus on Rioja: Embark on an in-depth exploration of Rioja, one of Spain’s most iconic wine regions, celebrated for its traditional and modern winemaking techniques.
  5. Catalan: Delve into Catalonia’s diverse landscapes and discover the sparkling wines of Cava and the intriguing still wines from Penedès and other sub-regions.
  6. Focus on Priorat: Unearth the hidden gems of Priorat, a rugged region in Catalonia renowned for its unique soil, producing intense and age-worthy wines.
  7. Central Plateau & Valencia: Traverse the vast Central Plateau and Valencia regions, uncovering the treasures of wines such as Tempranillo and Bobal.
  8. Andalucia: Conclude the journey in the warmth of Andalucia, where Sherry wines and other traditional delights await exploration.

The Educational Experience

The Spanish Wine Specialist™ program offers a synchronous online format, allowing participants to engage from the comfort of their homes. Running from March 6th to April 24th, classes are held on Wednesdays from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm EST. Each session will be streamed via Zoom, ensuring an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Prerequisites and Advanced Achievement

Prospective students must complete the National Wine School’s L1, L2, and L3 programs before enrolling in the Spanish Wine Specialist™ program. This ensures a foundational understanding of wine basics and principles, preparing participants for the more intricate exploration of Spanish wines.

Moreover, the pursuit of the Advanced Sommelier Pin beckons for those seeking a higher level of mastery. To attain this prestigious accolade, participants must complete four advanced programs akin to the Spanish Wine Specialist™ program. This commitment showcases a dedication to refining one’s palate and understanding of the world of wine.

Recommended Wine Selection and Beyond

While students are responsible for acquiring their wines, the Spanish Wine Specialist™ program will provide a list of recommended wines tailored to each class. This curated selection ensures that participants fully immerse themselves in the tasting experience, fostering a deeper connection to the concepts explored during each session.

Unraveling Spain’s Vinous Tapestry

The Spanish Wine Specialist™ program at the National Wine School is a voyage that transcends borders and captures the essence of Spain’s winemaking traditions. With its meticulously crafted curriculum, expert instructors, and interactive online format, this program promises an enlightening and enriching experience for those passionate about wine. By weaving together history, culture, and terroir, the Spanish Wine Specialist™ program invites participants to savor the stories hidden within each bottle and in doing so, become true connoisseurs of Spanish wine.

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