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Congratulations on reaching the precipice of a significant milestone in your wine education journey. Your dedication and mastery have not gone unnoticed, and you stand on the threshold of earning your Advanced Sommelier Pin.

The journey to this point has demanded not only a deep understanding of the vast world of wine but also a commitment to the art and science of sommelier work that few can claim to have navigated successfully. Your progression through the rigorous curriculum and practical examinations speaks to your exceptional capability and passion for the field.

The final step in this journey requires you to complete a comprehensive writing project. This assignment is designed to encapsulate your learning, articulate your future ambitions in the wine industry, and present your unique sommelier philosophy. It represents an opportunity to reflect on your growth and to forecast the impact you wish to make in the wine community.

I have every confidence in your ability to complete this final task with the same distinction and excellence that have characterized your work thus far. Upon successful completion, the Advanced Sommelier Pin will be a testament not only to your knowledge and skill but also to your profound dedication to the culture and craft of wine.

Best wishes as you embark on this final endeavor. Your academic and professional contributions to the field of wine are eagerly anticipated.


Philip Brandeis
National Wine School

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